i live and work across the fields of theatre and art. it took me some time to cope with doing something that doesn't save lives.
i am involved in activities that have a social component, even serving behind a bar. i am working with communities, though it's a bit more complex than that. but still, i am not saving lives. i hope you will forgive me for that.
i believe alchool in moderate doses is an effective tool to socialization, openness, compassion, expression. if i spend time at events, in bars, cafes and bettolas, it is mererly to hit a better chance of meeting other human beings and celebrate or make sense of our living together.
i prefer to work with others, collaborating, negotiating. i feel quickly lonely if i do things on my own. i believe many good things in my life wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for other people i knew or met.
i get very excited when i perform. my performances, whether in music, theatre or film, have little to do with communities and social activism. i do perform to get a thrill and because i am in love with stages.
i am greatful to live in Latvia.
Some ask me where do i come from and i often need to reinvent a new answer. Sometimes i don't know where I'm from. and i almost never know where I'm going.

a list of words i like


You don't learn this in schools. I am not just optimistic, I am happy too.


People abuse and often misuse this word. To me it implies I am part of a community, like an organ in a body. It eventually suggests that things are put in order, but order is a broad concept and I am not sure we all share the same understanding of order. I like the order of my messy desk.


I never thought it was a skill. Until I REAL-ized


Languages are not stones. But you can throw a word and look at the circles it makes on the surface of water. I also like titles and subtitles. I would like to read a book made of titles and subtitles. Please, write one.

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